Tammy Barton

Cranio Sacral Practitioner, Co-Owner of At the Healing Place

Tammy is a licensed massage therapist who believes in approaching bodywork from a holistic viewpoint.  She is well versed in many bodywork modalities including Swedish massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Intuitive Massage, and Myofascial release.  Tammy also teaches Massage and Bodywork classes at Wellspring School of Allied Health in Kansas City, Missouri.  She has an Art Degree from William Jewell College and creates inspirational art work.  Tammy also incorporates her creative abilities in her approach to bodywork by integrating several techniques into each healing session.  She believes the "issues are in the tissues" and that in addressing the issues physically, mentally, and emotionally, the body can heal more quickly and be in full balance and harmony. Tammy loves connecting with people and through the use of massage and energy work helps bring peace and harmony to their lives.  In doing so, she brings balance and harmony into her own life. Tammy co-owns and operates “At the Healing Place,” a business providing a holistic approach to health.