Janalea Hoffman

Music Therapist

Janalea is a pioneer in the field of Music Therapy. She is a musician, author, speaker and owner/ founder of Rhythmic Medicine. Her music helps people go deeper within themselves in order to get in touch with their body rhythms and gain skill in influencing their own health. A primary aspect of Janalea’s work lies in how music affects the body physiologically. She has developed the concepts of Musical Biofeedback and has developed specific techniques for using music to help lower heart rate and blood pressure and to assist with pain management.  An important part of Janalea’s work is to teach people to play the Native American flute and to understand the healing aspects and spirituality of this amazing instrument. As her work expands, her vision is that people will evaluate their “sound environment” as part of their wellness program. Janalea’s work has been featured in such publications as Prevention, Arthritis Today, Breast Cancer Awareness, RN magazines, as well as in Rodale’s book, New Choices in Natural Healing. She has a master’s degree in Music Therapy from the University of Kansas, and is certified by The Listening Centre in Toronto as a LIFT instructor for the Listening Fitness Program. Among many awards, she received the Madonna Spirit Award given by the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska for work in innovative music techniques. Janalea teaches the healing powers of music through her company, Rhythmic Medicine.