Patricia Gray

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Patricia is a 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and has taught over 12,000 yoga classes since 1990.  She began yoga in her teens studying Transcendental Meditation.  After a decade in training and promotion at Hallmark Cards, Patricia co-directed one of Kansas City’s first yoga studios, The Yoga Center, and in 1999 founded the Yoga Gallery.  She spent six weeks in India with Rotary International allowing her a chance to study yoga in its country of origin.  Patricia’s love of yoga, breathing, and meditation stems from experiencing and witnessing what a dedicated practice can create: full spectrum  benefits, inside out. Breathing is one of the most natural things we do.  With guidance, the breath is a link to the state of conscious stillness, where profound rest can be achieved.  This restful state of meditation can ease mental anxiety and promote wellbeing.