Education is a gift of hope and healing for EVERYONE.

“These classes look so interesting to me — can I attend even though I am through with my cancer treatment?”

“My father was just diagnosed with a chronic disease.  Can I come learn relaxation skills to share with him?”

“I would really like to attend a class, but it’s hard for me to drive at night.  Can I bring a friend?”

The answer to all of these questions is YES!  Many people have asked a variety of questions regarding their eligibility to attend Turning Point’s free programs.  If someone has been touched by a serious or chronic physical illness, whether directly or through family or friends, our answer has always been “Yes, come and join in.”  We truly believe that education is a gift of hope and healing for everyone living with the many physical, emotional and psychological changes brought on by illness.

Turning Point is currently serving individuals, families, and friends facing a wide variety of physical illnesses — families living with active treatment of newly diagnosed disease and families living with the ups and downs of chronic illness.  These are individuals facing the stress of all types of cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, fibromyalgia, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, the list goes on and on.  Our education and support programs are designed to teach skills for living life to the fullest — even in the midst of serious or chronic physical illness.


Statement of Non-Discrimination

Turning Point programs and services are provided to individuals living with cancer and other serious or chronic physical illness and their family members and friends without regard to gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, economic status or sexual orientation.