Turning Point came into my life when ...
I was overwhelmed with my son's diagnosis with medulloblastoma (a cancer of the brain). My son -- Santos Christian Arreola -- was diagnosed right before his fourth birthday, and I soon left my job to care for him full-time. 
Turning Point gives me a place where I can be more expressive and free. Turning Point is a place to go for hope, for healing and for relationships.  During one of the classes, I said I didn't feel organized enough. The people in the class reminded me that I was doing an excellent job as a caregiver {for my son}, and all the other stuff could wait. That was a big weight lifted off me.  I also remember staying with my son during a Turning Point kid's camp. I loved seeing all the children having fun -- that was priceless. Santos would always ask, “When are we going to Turning Point again?”
Turning Point has meant so much. It is a place for healing and comfort where I can express what is going on inside of me without reservation. I found the place and people so welcoming and compassionate.
Santos died in May of 2012, shortly before his ninth birthday, and I think about him all the time. I keep returning to Turning Point for classes for me, the people and the relationships and because Santos loved it there so much.  Turning Point is a place I come to continue to honor him and his legacy.

Photo credit Glow Imagery.