Turning Point came into my life ...
when I was at an MS conference.  I immediately knew that Turning Point was an adventure I was ready to explore.  I have secondary progressive MS and I had to leave my job in 1996 due to my MS. I can't walk and have to hire students to come in and help me when my husband is at work. Turning Point’s nutrition classes guide me on some of the healthiest ways to eat. Classes on the brain are so informative in showing me how I think, and I've been able to share what I learn with my peers. The meditation classes helped my mind to slow down, and the biofeedback course offered me new and interesting ways to learn and breathe more easily.
So many of Turning Point’s  classes have brought my life greater meaning and focus.
I feel so fortunate to be able to attend programs at Turning Point because they provide me with a world of knowledge and hope. Turning Point is a continual blessing in my life!

Photo credit Glow Imagery.