How We Heal

Turning Point provides a gathering space where individuals and their families are welcomed and supported.

Turning Point helps individuals who are ill understand, prepare for, and respond to the physical, emotional, and psychological changes brought on by serious or chronic physical illness.  We offer lessons in coping so families can optimize not only their healing but also their relationships with each other.  Turning Point also provides opportunities for people with similar illnesses to share concerns, learn skills to improve their quality of life, and gain a much-needed sense of control over their lives.

Turning Point teaches.

At Turning Point, we understand that knowledge truly is power.  So we emphasize family education regarding diseases and treatments.  We encourage individuals to participate actively in their own healing process.  And we provide services that enhance traditional treatments, including complementary therapies.

Turning Point helps children.

We have programs designed specifically for children whose parent or sibling is ill.  Age-appropriate activities – including art, music, and play – help kids understand and deal with the illness, and the effect it has on the entire family.

Turning Point helps individuals take action.

Once a serious or chronic physical illness has been diagnosed, individuals and families often face confusion and difficult questions.  At Turning Point, we encourage families to assemble a health-care team and a support network of their own.  Participants learn effective communication skills to ensure that they are actively involved in all decisions regarding their illness and its treatment.

Turning Point partners with the medical community.

Because health-care providers believe their patients benefit from education and support while undergoing treatment, we are a valuable resource.  Turning Point fills gaps left in traditional hospital programs by offering workshops, lectures, and information addressing the different aspects of disease and treatment, complementary therapies, and other disease-specific topics.
A strong relationship with the medical community results in more cohesive treatment and support for patients.  Presently, Turning Point has established working relationships with many health-care providers, hospitals, and agencies.

Turning Point partners with employers.

Employers may refer employees who are ill to Turning Point.  We can aid in treatment and increase the likelihood that employees will continue to be a viable part of a company’s workforce.